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Lori Schmidt

Distinguished fellow


Lori Schmidt (EC DEV, CA-AM, MBC), Loral Management Group (LMG), has a passion to support and build stronger organizations through executive and organizational competitiveness advisory and coaching services.  In her leadership roles, including former CEO of a national not-for-profit productivity and innovation knowledge and support consultancy, Lori has been able to engage her passion to assist firms to build their competitive performance and impact.  She focuses on building a culture of productivity, innovation, digital and human capacity. Lori is also an avid leader and facilitator of creative approaches in strengthening collaborative ecosystems - to tackle regional and global competitiveness issues - to create greater impact for all.  Lori is also great believer that our people - our diversity and our future skills - are our most valuable resource for our future.


Lori has been a member of the Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils for the past 10 years – which is a global network of leaders from competitiveness organizations around the world.  Being actively engaged and as an advocate for the GFCC and the value it provides, Lori has been able to bring her years of public and private sector roles - including industry and cluster development, trade & economic policy, strategic management, small business and regional economic development to consider the global competitiveness opportunities and challenges.


A strong advocate of giving back, Lori is involved in several social impact organizations, including serving on the board of Children Believe – an international organization dedicated to improving the lives of children and youth in developing countries around the world. Lori is also an advisor with Wellness Works Canada, an active Rotarian and most recently, Lori was identified as one of Canada’s Top 50 over 50 for her business and community leadership.

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