University and Research Leadership Forum

The GFCC University and Research Leadership Forum, comprised of university presidents and heads of research institutions, serves as a living think-tank for identification and discussion of trends in and the generation of ideas for optimizing education and research enterprises. The GFCC works to develop a better understanding of the contributions by global education and research institutions to innovation and competitiveness; facilitate new collaboration; and provide global visibility to relevant experiences and original thought in the field. The inaugural meeting of the Forum was held in London on November 30, 2016.

Global Competitiveness Academy

The Global Competitiveness Academy (GCA) is an action-oriented education and leadership development initiative that will create a new cadre of global leaders attuned to the underpinning drivers for competitiveness. Participants will learn from the experiences and expertise of GFCC members and fellows in implementing competitiveness strategies and initiatives in their respective countries.

Innovation Learning Labs

Innovation Learning Labs are progressive dialogues and intense workshops aimed at sparking participants to learn innovation promotion policies and initiatives and create new partnerships to boost innovation capacity and value creation. Core issues explored in the Innovation Learning Lab series include fundamental research, intellectual property, technology transfer, entrepreneurship, commercialization, public-private partnerships, funding, business acceleration, legal frameworks, and the overarching workforce and economic development environment across nations. The first ILL was held in Brazil on June 26, 2017 in conjunction with the Industry Innovation Summit on June 27-28, organized by GFCC member National Confederation of Industry (CNI).