Council on Competitiveness of Greece (CompeteGR)


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In a period of global unprecedented changes, Greece continues to face long standing local structural issues in addition to 4th industrial revolution and demographic challenges. This is reflected in the poor ranking of the country in various global reports, such as the Global Competitiveness Index.

To face this situation, in November 2018, fourteen (14) influential and well-recognized bodies have established CompeteGR to assist the country in becoming a competitive player.
CompeteGR has the vision to be the foremost authority in matters of competitiveness in Greece. For this it takes an active, leading role in all relevant initiatives aiming to boost the competitiveness of the economy so that Greek society may prosper.

CompeteGR is committed to act in a systematic way, make policy proposals and advocate for the necessary reforms in order to enable business address specific problems in key strategic sectors and areas and assist the country itself to unleash its full potential.