Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development

United Arab Emirates

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Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development is a governmental agency. A stakeholders-focused organization that is capable of enabling sustainable economic development in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, encouraging competitiveness and ensuring the welfare of Abu Dhabi’s community.

Vision:  Leading the Emirate of Abu Dhabi’s economic agenda to achieve a sustainable, balanced and diversified knowledge-based economy.

The objectives of the Department are to achieve economic ​development in the emirate, regulate economic and commercial affairs, and work for development of the same in the interest of the country.​ The Department’s goals are as follows:

  • Proposing the economic and commercial policy of the emirate.

  • Full optimization of human resources and material capabilities.

  • Working out policies and procedures that contribute to the increase of economic growth rates, specify trends, priorities, and procedures that reinforce the competitive ability of Abu Dhabi emirate.

  • Specifying activity and service fields that can be utilized in order to make Abu Dhabi emirate a distinguished center at local, regional and global levels, and specify short and long -term priorities.

  • Creating investment climate that can attract national and foreign capitals.

  • Participating in working out local and federal rules to upgrade economic performance, achieve economic development, and improve investment climate.

  • Collecting and analyzing statistics, conducting studies, issuing periodicals, and making pre-feasibility studies on different projects.