We are pleased to welcome Dionisio Garcia, Rehan Chaudhri,  Ashwani Kumar, and Manuel Trajtenberg to the team as GFCC fellows.


Dionisio Garcia is currently a strategic business catalyzer at “Bitácora Social,” an anthropology-based research firm focused on understanding complex social issues (obesity, social classes, poverty, consumption, corruption, organizational communications, M&A processes, etc.), operating across all Latin America. He and his younger brother started this company 7 years ago in Mexico City. Read More.


Rehan Chaudhri is a global investor in the technology, media, energy, and commodity sectors. He is a retired principal and former portfolio manager at Altrinsic Global Advisors. Prior to Altrinsic, Mr. Chaudhri was a portfolio manager for Lazard Asset Management, on its $30 billion international diversified and select funds. His previous investment experience includes Brandywine Asset Management’s global and international funds as well as a Hong Kong-based telecommunications equity research analyst for Morgan Stanley. Read More.

Ashwani Kumar Headshot

Ashwani Kumar is an eminent lawyer, author, and veteran parliamentarian who was a member of the Rajya Sabha for fourteen consecutive years representing the State of Punjab, until his retirement in April 2016. During this time, he held various ministerial positions including as Union Minister for Law and Justice and Minister of State for Industry, Planning, Parliamentary Affairs, Science & Technology and Earth Sciences. He was Special Envoy of PM Manmohan Singh to Japan in 2013 and chaired several important Parliamentary Committees. Read More. 

Manuel Trajtenberg

Manuel Trajtenberg is a globally know expert in higher education and innovation policy and currently a member of the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament. He was elected in the March 2015 elections, where he ran as candidate for Minister of Finance for the Labor Party. Trajtenberg has previously served as Chairman of the Budgeting and Planning Committee of the Council for Higher Education in Israel, Chairman of the National Economic Council at the Prime Minister Office, and chief economic advisor to the Prime Minister. Read More.