The GFCC held its first “Innovation Learning Lab” (ILL) on June 26 in São Paulo, hosted by the Brazilian National Confederation of Industry (CNI).

GFCC President Deborah Wince-Smith alongside CNI and SENAIL General Director Rafael Lucchesi welcomed leaders from ten countries for a day of conversations on the “Sustainable Future of Production, Consumption and Work,” a theme the GFCC will continue to explore at the 2017 GFCC Global Innovation Summit this November. Activities also included a series of presentations and an in-depth discussion about global prospects for Brazilian tech companies, including Sunew, UpSensor, Doctor Farm, LIVRE, Nanovetores, Nexxto, and Ubivis .

The ILL enabled policy learning and catalyzed new technology and business partnerships. The GFCC will now work with its members and partners to scale the ILL model globally. The ILL was held in tandem with the 7th Industry Innovation Summit, organized by CNI, Sebrae – Brazil’s organization on SMEs, and other partners on June 27 to 28. The Summit had more than 4,000 participants and featured GFCC leaders as speakers in different sessions.

The GFCC delegation in Brazil included:

  1. Adham Nadim (Egypt), Chairman, Nadim Industries
  2. Alexander Idrisov (Russia), Founder, Eurasia Competitiveness Institute
  3. Anthony Murffet (Australia), Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, Government of Australia
  4. Carlos Higo (Brazil), Partner, AT Kearney
  5. Chad Evans (USA), GFCC Treasurer
  6. Colin Grant (UK), Vice-President, University of Southampton
  7. Deborah Wince-Smith (USA), President, GFCC
  8. Dionisio Garcia (Mexico), Coach, Stand & Deliver Group
  9. Elisabeth Stroble (USA), President Webster University
  10. James “Jim” Metson (New Zealand), Vice-President, University of Auckland
  11. João Jornada (Brazil), GFCC Distinguished Fellow
  12. Jorge Audy (Brazil), Advisor to the President, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUC-RS)
  13. Joseph Aoun (US), President, Northeastern University
  14. Mark Essle (Germany), Partner, AT Kearney
  15. Rushdi Abdul Rahim (Malaysia), Senior Vice President, Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High-Technology (MIGHT)
  16. Rafael Prikladnicki (Brazil), CEO, TecnoPuc
  17. Roberto Alvarez (Brazil), Executive Director, GFCC
  18. Rogerio Studart (Brazil), GFCC Distinguished Fellow
  19. Sanjit Singh Dang (US), Investment Director, Intel Capital
  20. Sethuraman “Panch” Panchanathan (US), Executive Vice-President, Arizona State University (ASU)
  21. Symeon G. Tsomokos (Greece), Founder and Chairman, Delphi Economic Forum
  22. Tajuddin Ali (Malaysia), Chairman, UEM Group Berhad
  23. William Wescott (USA), CEO, BrainOxygen

The GFCC team takes the opportunity to thank CNI for its leadership, engagement, and support, particularly Gianna Sagazio (Director of Innovation, CNI), Paulo Mól (Executive Director, IEL), Suely Pereira (Manager, CNI Innovation Unit), Candida Oliveira (Industrial Development Specialist, CNI) and Rafael Monaco (Industrial Development Specialist, CNI), who all worked directly on the ILL implementation.

More photos are available on CNI’s Flickr page.