The GFCC is pleased to announce our newest member: the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).

JST leads Japan’s science and technology development, working to improve the lives of people and achieve a sustainable society by promoting science and technology for the purpose of fostering new opportunities in innovation. JST also aims to develop a sound infrastructure for innovation and raise an awareness of technology related issues in Japan.  

“Science and technology are essential for the progress of humanity and economic competitiveness,” said Dr. Michinari Hamaguchi, President of JST. “Our participation in the GFCC expanding global community creates important new opportunities for JST to benchmark best practices, find new partners, and have impact in global issues and innovative transformation.”

Japan is one of the leading nations in scientific research and technology with the world’s third largest budget for research and development at 3.6% of GDP.

“We look forward to a close partnership and a fruitful exchange of ideas with a leading organization in science and technology policy,” said Ms. Deborah Wince-Smith, President of the GFCC. “Together, we seek to spark conversations on science and technology development and drive innovative change”.

Dr. Michiharu Nakamura, former President of JST, has been a GFCC Distinguished Fellow since 2016.