Korea Economic Research Institute



Korea Economic Research Institute (KERI) is a private economic research institute founded on April 1st 1981.

Our main purpose is to contribute to growth and development of the national economy through the building of on efficient free-market economy and the nurturing of healthy corporate growth.

KERI is vigorously working to become a world-class think tank. Our researchers conduct integrated research in both the entirety of the Korean economy and long-term and short-term prospects for corporate growth.

The founding principles and basic philosophy of KERI are Free Market, Free Enterprise, and Free Competition.


The purpose of KERI is to provide companies and the Korean economy with short and long term tasks for development, so that an effective Free Market system and a healthy economic environment can be realized, which in turn, will help contribute the growth and development of the national and world economy.

To establish ourselves as a Non-governmental Think Tank, theoretical research and positive analysis are based on field oriented research surveys and on real economic development of achieving alternative policies.

To carry out the function of an information base, KERI provides practical guidance towards the establishment of world management strategies of companies, through analytical and systematic gathering of data regarding domestic and foreign economies and industrial trends.